Tuning with the Dynapack Hub Dyno

Superior accuracy to a traditional rolling road…

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we use a state of the art Dynapack chassis dynamometer at our workshop in Wiltshire in the south-west of England.

The Dynapack dyno is a hub dyno. A conventional rolling road is subject to inaccuracies due to variations in tyre pressure, tyre temperature, tyre traction, rolling resistance, etc.

Even something as simple as the ratchet strap tension on a conventional rolling road will cause inconsistent results, both between and during runs. The Dynapack hub dyno eliminates these variables by using hub adaptors to directly couple the hubs to the power absorption units so there is no tyre / roller interface whatsoever.

Directly bolting to the hubs is also a much safer method of dynamometer testing your vehicle, with no chance of your car coming off the dyno – due to the wheels climbing out of the rollers or suffering from a tyre blow-out!

This also makes the hub dyno a more popular choice with owners of particularly powerful cars – e.g.: turbocharged, supercharged and V8, V10 or V12 engines. 4×4 vehicles or competition off-road vehicles are also more prone to climbing out of the rollers on a conventional rolling road. This is due to the larger diameter wheels and tyres being less compatible with the smaller diameter rollers. Again, no problem with our Dynapack hub dyno!

A chassis dynamometer is an excellent tool for tuning, engine management mapping, diagnostics and remaps. Our particular dyno can be used with both 2WD (two wheel drive) or 4WD (four wheel drive) vehicles.

Superior accuracy to a conventional rolling road.

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Engine management mapping

Lloyd Specialist Developments have extensive experience of standalone engine management systems – including Canems, Emerald, Omex, Megasquirt, KMS, MBE, AEM, Haltech, Motec, GEMS, DTA, Autronic, etc. Our extensive knowledge in installing, setting up and mapping these systems makes us an ideal option if you require mapping services on a rolling road or dyno.

Combined with the superb accuracy and safety of the Dynapack chassis dynamometer why would you go anywhere else?

As well as programming standalone ECUs, we can also set-up and map various piggy-back or interceptor ECUs – including HKS, Greddy, DET3/ECUmaster, Apexi, AEM, etc. We will also install piggyback ECUs if required – although we do tend to prefer fully programmable standalone systems (e.g.: Canems) or remaps of the existing ECU, depending on your requirements.

OEM ECU remapping

Due to popular demand we now offer remaps of existing OEM ECUs – including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, Holden, Honda, Jaguar, Land-Rover, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo and VW. The scope for improvements with your particular engine depends on the type of engine and whether any additional hardware improvements have been made.

As a general rule, turbocharged petrol and diesel engines can be noticeably improved with remaps of the existing ECU. Naturally aspirated engines generally also require hardware changes to make worthwhile gains in performance. Every remap comes with a before and after power run on our Dynapack hub dyno – so you know for certain how much horse-power and torque has been gained. We also always carry out fuel mixture checks with a wideband AFR sensor, so you also know whether the fuel mixture is still safe after a remap.

Turbo or supercharged engine mapping

On turbocharged or supercharged cars we also monitor and record the boost levels, this means that we can also see precisely how much additional boost the remap provides. Please enquire with the details of your particular vehicle for more information about remaps.

Classic car dyno tuning

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we specialise in older classic cars. Not only do we specialise in installing, setting up and mapping standalone programmable engine management systems on these vehicles – we can also work with the original distributor and carburettor set-ups. We can set-up and optimise various carburettors, distributors and electronic ignition set-ups (123 Ignition, Powerspark, Piranha, Pertronix, Aldon, Accuspark, etc). Please enquire with the details of your particular vehicle and set-up if you need your carburettors or distributor to be optimised on your classic car.

Fault diagnosis on the Dyno

Although people are generally familiar with the use of a dyno or rolling road for tuning purposes the chassis dynamometer is also a brilliant diagnostic tool. For example – tracing intermittent misfires can be very difficult, if not impossible, without the aid of a dyno. Often these misfires only occur under load – with our Dynapack chassis dyno we can easily replicate the conditions under which the misfires occur and systematically work through the various tests required to identify the cause of the misfire.

The dyno can be used to diagnose faults with the fuel system, ignition system, intake system, exhaust system, brakes, transmission and even rear suspension. The dyno can also be used to accurately calibrate your speedometer, if required. Due to the lack of roller inertia, the Dynapack system is more sensitive to intermittent misfires and changes in engine load. This again makes it better at diagnosing these types of fault than a conventional rolling road.

The inertia or ‘flywheel effect’ of a conventional rolling road does have a tendency to dampen out the effects of small intermittent misfires. The fact that the conventional roller is shared between both wheels on a vehicle’s axle also means that you cannot identify if you have a sticking brake calliper. On the Dynapack set-up it is immediately obvious if one of the brake callipers is sticking on the driven axle(s).

Dyno tuning for track and competition

If you use your vehicle for any form of competition you do not want to discover that you have an intermittent fault during the event. This is not only expensive, it is also extremely frustrating! Testing your vehicle on our Dynapack chassis dynamometer significantly reduces the chance of this happening. Not only does it test the engine performance and reliability under load – it also tests the coolant system, fuel system and transmission.

The latest DAQPlus software allows us to datalog the fuel mixtures, manifold pressures, air temperature, torque split between each wheel, etc. These datalogs can then be reviewed or exported to Excel after testing to enable us to identify any faults. It has a live torque and horsepower read-out, so with the Load and Speed Holding modes we can carry out tests or optimise the fuel and ignition settings in real-time down to 1% throttle position / 1 kPa MAP / 1 RPM increments if required. With the Dynapack chassis dynamometer capable of handling over 2200 lb-ft of torque per axle, we cannot think of a better chassis dynamometer to work with!

Dyno Prices:

  • 2WD Power Runs and AFR Checks – 40 minute session – £80 plus VAT
  • 4WD Power Runs and AFR Checks – 50 minute session – £90 plus VAT
  • Mapping, Testing & Diagnostics – £120 plus VAT per hour.

Both private and trade enquiries welcome. Discounted rates available for longer sessions and group bookings.

More information on the Dynapack chassis dynamometers can be found at the Dynapack website.