Rover V8 Engine Tuning

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we specialise in the Rover V8 engine. We have extensive experience and knowledge in maintaining, repairing or modifying these engines for a wide range of applications. Carburettors or fuel injection, naturally aspirated or forced induction, 3.5-litres or 5.5-litres, towing or motorsport, petrol or LPG – whatever your requirements are, we can help.

We have a huge passion for this legendary and versatile V8 engine, with Nathan & Daniel having been brought up around the engine as children. Their late father, Russell Lloyd, owned and worked on many Rover V8 engined vehicles – including a variety of different Land-Rovers, Range-Rovers and Rover SD1s – so Nathan and Daniel spent a lot of time helping their father maintain, repair and modify these vehicles from a very young age.

Wildcat Cylinder Head Kit
Wildcat Cylinder Head Kit

These are the ultimate cylinder heads for the Rover V8 engine. Typical gains of 100bhp on a naturally aspirated engine!

£2949 Ex VAT
4 Litre Wildcat Rover V8
Wildcat Conversion for TVR Chimaera & Griffith

This is the ultimate naturally aspirated conversion for your TVR Chimaera or Griffith. Typical gains of 100bhp on a naturally aspirated engine!

£8900 Ex VAT
Rotrex Supercharger Conversion

Rotrex Supercharger conversion for your Rover V8 – typical gains of over 100 bhp with our drive-in, drive-out conversion! Suitable for almost any Rover V8 engined vehicle – including TVR, Range-Rover, Land-Rover, Marcos, MGB, etc.

£5500 Ex VAT
Camshaft Kit Replacement/Upgrade

Complete replacement and/or upgrade of your Rover V8 camshaft, hydraulic followers and timing chain set.

£1050 Ex VAT
Rover V8 Bosch Fuel Injector Upgrade Set

Upgrade your old fuel injectors to modern Bosch 4-hole injectors – with higher flow rate and better fuel atomisation.

£428 Ex VAT
Yella Terra Roller Rockers – YT6000

Complete set of Roller Rockers for the Rover V8, with built in adjusters.

£550 Ex VAT
4-Barrel Carburettor Intake Manifold for Wildcat Rover V8

Cast aluminium. This intake manifold allows you to use a 4-barrel carburettor (e.g.: Holley 390, Edelbrock 500, Weber 500, etc) with the incredible Wildcat Cylinder Heads on the Rover V8.

£470 Ex VAT
Lloyd Dual-Plane Rover V8 Fuel Injection manifold
Lloyd Dual-Plane Intake Manifold

Lloyd Dual-Plane Rover V8 Fuel Injection manifold. Fits standard fuel injection intake base.

£1995 Ex VAT
Dual-Plane Equal Length Exhaust Manifolds for TVR Chimaera or Griffith

The ultimate exhaust manifolds for your Rover V8 engine – designed to suit all Rover cylinder head castings, including big valve heads.

£2100 Ex VAT