Lloyd Dual-Plane Intake Manifold

Lloyd Dual-Plane Rover V8 Fuel Injection manifold. Fits standard fuel injection intake base.

  • Dual-plane design for improved mid-range torque and throttle response. Eliminates charge-robbing between consecutive firing cylinders. This has the added benefit of eliminating the adverse effect of excessive overlap on wilder camshafts, allowing the use of these camshafts whilst retaining low rpm drivability;
  • 4x 48mm Dellorto Throttle-Bodies for improved throttle response, improved peak horse-power and for even air distribution across all cylinders;
  • 2x Aluminium air-boxes – aluminium or painted;
  • 42mm inside-diameter runners;
  • Fittings for idle valve, balance piping, brake servo and MAP sensor as standard;
  • All aluminium design.

Our prototype Dual-Plane manifold has been fitted to our TVR Chimaera and running perfectly since August 2012.

Complete drive-in, drive-out supply and installation also available – £2915 plus VAT.

Built to order, current lead-time on these manifolds is 6 weeks. Order today!

Lloyd Dual-Plane Intake Manifold
£1995 Ex VAT