Tuning and Modifying the Rover V8 Engine

This is the ultimate book for any enthusiast or professional who is tuning or modifying the Rover V8 engine. This essential read covers all aspects of tuning this versatile and much-loved engine, with an emphasis on selecting the correct combination of parts for your vehicle and its intended use.

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Illustrated with over 300 photos/diagrams/graphs, this book is a valuable technical resource for anyone interested in the legendary Rover V8 engine.


Engine Requirements and SpecificationShort Engine
Oil System
Cylinder Head
Intake System
Exhaust System
Cooling System
Fuel System
Ignition System
Engine Management
Liquid Petroleum Gas
Forced Induction

Engine numbers
Camshaft identification

About the authors

Daniel & Nathan Lloyd, are brothers who originally started out their careers as professional engineers before starting their automotive tuning company, Lloyd Specialist Developments Ltd, in 2009 – specialising in tuning the Rover V8 engine.

Both grew up working on Rover V8 engines with their late father, Russell Lloyd, before going to university and then joining the same engineering company. Daniel, who obtained a First Class honours degree in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering at University West of England in Bristol, worked within the aerospace division of the company – designing, testing & developing components for gas turbine engines. Nathan, who studied at Bath Spa University, initially worked in the automotive division setting-up and rebuilding the machines used for the production of turbocharger sealing rings, before moving into the aerospace division where he was involved in the manufacture of sealing components for gas turbine engines.

To this day the Rover V8 engine remains a strong feature in their day to day lives – not only working on them in a professional capacity but also owning and maintaining numerous Rover V8-engined vehicles themselves. Daniel and Nathan have also written technical articles for various magazines, including Sprint – the monthly publication for TVR owners.