Wildcat Conversion for TVR Chimaera & Griffith

This is the ultimate naturally aspirated conversion for your TVR Chimaera or Griffith. Typical gains of 100bhp on a naturally aspirated engine!

A complete drive-in, drive-out conversion using our Wildcat Cylinder Head kit, with a set of our unequal length dual-plane exhaust manifolds and our Lloyd-Wildcat tunnel ram intake manifold.

4 Litre Wildcat Rover V8

This conversion includes:

  • Wildcat Cylinder Head kit;
  • Dual-plane exhaust manifolds;
  • Lloyd-Wildcat tunnel ram intake manifold;
  • 92mm throttle body – cable or DBW type available;
  • Fuel system upgrade – Bosch fuel injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator & fuel rails;
  • Intake pipe-work and K&N air-filter;
  • Oil cooler & pipework;
  • Engine Health Checks – to ensure that engine is suitable for performance upgrade and establish safe engine speed limit. Includes set of power runs on Dynapack chassis dyno, to give baseline horsepower and torque graphs before Wildcat conversion;
  • Installation & set-up work – includes clearance checks, wiring modifications to existing engine management system, any required sensors, etc;
  • ECU calibration work – includes full temperature mapping on our Dynapack chassis dyno, final horsepower & torque graphs, warm-up mapping, cold & hot start mapping, etc.

Example Build

Our own TVR Chimaera 400 now has a short engine specifically built for higher engine speeds (up to 7500rpm), with 96mm forged pistons and Range-Rover P38a bearings, etc. With the Wildcat conversion and a Kent M238 camshaft with solid followers this currently makes over 380bhp at 7200rpm, with over 350bhp produced at 6000rpm. We will be able to obtain even more power and torque with a different camshaft.

Bigger power gains are easily achievable with larger engine capacities – 5-litre engines with mild 4×4 camshafts will make 400bhp, with 500bhp achievable with more radical camshaft specifications and by ensuring that the short engine is capable of higher engine speeds (7000rpm plus).


You will require a fully programmable engine management system with full control over the fuel and ignition. If you already have this then this conversion includes all required wiring modifications and calibration work.

If you do not already have a fully programmable engine management system we are able to offer complete engine management solutions for very competitive prices, with discounts available when carried out at the same time as the Wildcat conversion – please enquire.

We are able to offer complete drive-in, drive out conversions for all Rover V8 engined vehicles – including TVR, Land Rover, Range Rover, MGB, Marcos, Westfield, etc.
Please enquire with your requirements.

Wildcat Conversion for TVR Chimaera & Griffith
£9700 Ex VAT