Wildcat Cylinder Head Kit

These are the ultimate cylinder heads for the Rover V8 engine. Typical gains of 100bhp on a naturally aspirated engine!

This Kit Includes:

Intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve stem seals, retainers, collets, Wildcat rocker covers, rocker cover gaskets, roller rocker assemblies, pushrods, intake gasket clamps and bolts/washers.

Design Features & Specification:

  • 1.94″ Intake Valve & 1.6″ Exhaust Valve – both on the centre-line of the cylinder bore. Valve sizes are optimum for 96mm bore diameters but also work well with 94mm bore diameters;
  • Improved combustion chamber design with a high degree of squish and resistance to detonation;
  • Raised intake and exhaust ports to significantly improve port flow;
  • Roller rocker gear suitable for higher engine speeds;
  • Chevy type oiling system via hollow pushrods;
  • Heavy duty cylinder head design with plenty of material for increased rigidity, skimming, etc.

After reaching the limit of modifying the Rover V8 cylinder head castings we tested a range of different aftermarket cylinder heads on our flow-bench  and there was one clear winner – Wildcat.

For example, we saw intake flow-rate gains of 75% over standard cylinder heads, 45% over Stage 4 big valve heads and 27% over the next best aftermarket cylinder heads. Exhaust flow gains are also impressive – 54% over standard, 25% over Stage 4 big valve heads and 11% over the next best aftermarket heads. All figures given here are at 0.500″ valve lift but are representative of the flow improvement over the entire valve lift range and the Wildcat heads had no additional porting.

Originally designed by the renowned Ian Richardson, and once the preserve of successful racing drivers such as Carl Hansen with his TVR Tuscan race-car in New Zealand, Ian Hall with his Darrian T98 race-car, Simon Allaway with his Lotus Esprit silhouette race-car, etc and also used by Morgan in the 1995 FIA GT championship.

These incredible cylinder heads have now been fully productionised by ACR and are available for your Rover V8 engine.

4 Litre Wildcat Rover V8

Example Build

Our own TVR Chimaera 400 now has a short engine specifically built for higher engine speeds (up to 7500rpm), with 96mm forged pistons and Range-Rover P38a bearings, etc. With the Wildcat conversion and a Kent M238 camshaft with solid followers this currently makes over 380bhp at 7200rpm, with over 350bhp produced at 6000rpm. We will be able to obtain even more power and torque with a different camshaft.

Bigger power gains are easily achievable with larger engine capacities – 5-litre engines with mild 4×4 camshafts will make 400bhp, with 500bhp achievable with more radical camshaft specifications and by ensuring that the short engine is capable of higher engine speeds (7000rpm plus).


Due to the ‘blank sheet’ design the original Rover V8 intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds will not directly fit these Wildcat cylinder heads, although some exhaust manifolds may fit with modification. We have developed a few different intake and exhaust solutions for the Wildcat cylinder heads, depending on the vehicle and application. If you cannot see the correct parts for your vehicle on our website, please enquire.

You will also require a fully programmable engine management system with full control over the fuel and ignition, as well as a suitable fuel system (injectors, fuel pump, etc). It is also possible to run with a suitable carburettor and distributor, if properly set-up.


The Wildcat cylinder heads are suitable for all Rover V8 engines with 94mm or larger cylinders (3.9-litre and bigger). As with all major engine tuning, the engine should be in a good state of health and suitably robust for the expected power level and maximum expected engine speed. If in doubt, please enquire and we will be happy to advise. We can offer an engine health check if required.
Careful checks will also need to be carried out during assembly, including piston to valve clearances.

We are able to offer complete drive-in, drive out conversions for all Rover V8 engined vehicles – including TVR, Land Rover, Range Rover, MGB, Marcos, Westfield, etc.
Please enquire with your requirements.

Wildcat Cylinder Head Kit
£3990 Ex VAT