Engine Tuning for Road & Competition

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we are able to carry out anything from a basic service to a full engine rebuild to customer specification. We can modify and tune for either performance or economy.

Engine work that we can carry out includes:

  • Full Engine Rebuilds;
  • Engine Management Installation & Mapping – Megasquirt, Omex, etc;
  • Cylinder Head Re-building & Modification, including Flow-Bench Testing;
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Conversions;
  • Diesel Tuning – for performance or economy;
  • Custom Turbo / Supercharger / Nitrous Installations;
  • Camshaft Replacement / Upgrades;
  • Custom Intake Systems;
  • Custom Exhaust Systems.

We are also able to carry out engine diagnostics, utilising a wide range of tools; from electronic stethoscopes to engine management software.

We use our extensive engineering facilities to carry out the following engine work:

  • Thread repairs, inc.spark plug threads;
  • Removal of broken bolts / studs;
  • Cylinder head modifications, inc. porting and combustion chamber mods;
  • Custom cooling system solutions;
  • Engine management installations;
  • Nitrous and water injection installations.

We can use the latest in engine simulation software to ensure that your money goes as far as possible in your quest for more performance, economy and driveability.

We can go further than most traditional engine tuners as we will develop new components if our analysis shows a clear benefit in doing so.

Advantages of using Computer Simulations

  1. Cost savings associated with correct component selection;
  2. Time savings associated with correct component combinations, along with no time lost to dynamometer testing;
  3. Optimised components mean lower operating costs during life expectancy;
  4. No unnecessary wear and tear to new engines on dynamometers in order to determine performance levels;
  5. Information produced from simulation can help determine other component selection such as gearing, tyre sizing, etc.
  6. Engine setup and simulation costs are a small fraction of the costs involved in repeated dynamometer testing.

We specialise in a number of engines such as the Rover V8 and A-series but are able to work on most engines, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise