Suspension Tuning for Road & Competition

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we have an excellent range of suspension set-up tools, including Intercomp digital corner weighting and four-wheel alignment equipment, to enable us to optimise your vehicle’s suspension. Many enthusiasts spend a great deal of time and money on increasing engine performance but suspension tuning can also yield very noticeable improvements in overall vehicle performance.

  • 4-wheel alignment – check only – £80 plus VAT;
  • 4-wheel alignment – check and adjust (subject to component condition) – £170 plus VAT;
  • Additional adjustment time due to seized suspension components – £80 plus VAT per hour;
  • Corner Weighting – from £245 plus VAT;
  • 4-wheel alignment and corner weighting service – £350 plus VAT.

We also have the ability to modify, design and/or make custom suspension components, suspension location points and complete suspension assemblies.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise.