Camshaft Kit Replacement/Upgrade

Complete replacement and/or upgrade of your Rover V8 camshaft, hydraulic followers and timing chain set.

This drive-in, drive-out service includes camshaft retaining plate (if not already fitted), all required gaskets, correct camshaft lube, engine oil, oil filter, preload set-up of hydraulic followers and camshaft bedding-in process.

We always use a Cloyes duplex timing set where possible (Range-Rover P38 engines usually require the original type timing set). We always use good quality lifters from a reputable source, we can also supply hi-rev hydraulic lifters or solid lifters if required.

We offer the complete range of Kent camshafts and can advise on which particular camshaft best suits your application and requirements. We are also able to supply and fit other Rover V8 camshafts if required, as well as being able to offer a custom camshaft design service for your Rover V8 (at additional cost).

We will always inspect the camshaft bearings and valve train when carrying out this work and will advise if any of these parts also require replacement.

Camshaft Kit Replacement/Upgrade
£1150 Ex VAT