Engine Management Installation & Mapping

At Lloyd Specialist Developments we specialise in full engine management installations. We carry out a whole range of engine management projects, from fully mappable ignition system set-ups to a fully programmable engine management system on a turbo-charged engine, with a vast array of programmable outputs and inputs – including variable intake cam timing and closed-loop wideband air-fuel ratio.

All engine management projects are carried out in three basic stages:

1. Vehicle Assessment

This involves working out the current limitations of the vehicle and it’s associated systems. Does the fuel system supply enough fuel for the intended engine performance? Are there any engine limitations that we are likely to encounter as we extract more performance? Will the existing running gear be adequate for the levels of torque we are likely to obtain?

2. Installation

This includes wiring in the fully mappable ECU to your existing engine loom. All electrical joins are soldered and heat-shrunk, and the wiring is protected with OEM automotive-grade electrical conduit. We supply high quality wiring looms to both public and trade.

3. Setting Up & Mapping

Rather then simply downloading a generic map, we create and fine-tune maps specifically for your engine, in your car. This normally includes both road and rolling road mapping – using our state of the art Dynapack chassis dynamometer. Your engine is also repeatedly tested at a wide range of temperatures in order to fine-tune the idle quality.

We keep a wide range of engine management components in stock, including fully programmable ECU’s, wiring looms, sensors and ignition components. See our Products page. Our engine / engine management wiring looms are made in-house to order, we cater for both individual and trade applications.

We have a great deal of experience with both OEM and after-market engine management systems, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise.