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At Lloyd Specialist Developments we specialise in maintaining, repairing and modifying classic and specialist vehicles. From 1930s to 1990s, both for road and for competition, we carry out a wide range of automotive work – including engine tuning, servicing & maintenance, restoration, brake & suspension upgrades, supercharger & turbocharger conversions & upgrades, automotive wiring and much more!

We are a team of professional, qualified automotive / aerospace engineers and, as enthusiasts ourselves, we always strive to ensure the highest standard of work.

Dyno testing at our workshop in Wiltshire.

The Dynapack dyno offers superior accuracy to a conventional rolling road. Find out more or book in for a power run!

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Tuning and Modifying the Rover V8

Our book ‘Tuning and Modifying the Rover V8 Engine’ is now available!