Rover V8 Bosch Fuel Injector Upgrade Set

Upgrade your old fuel injectors to modern Bosch 4-hole injectors – with higher flow rate and better fuel atomisation.

Complete set of new Bosch fuel injectors for Rover V8. Available with flow-rates of 215cc/min up to approx. 400cc/min. Please enquire with your performance requirements & engine specification and we will be able to advise on the ideal flow-rate for your application.

Ideal for Rover V8 owners carrying out performance upgrades (e.g.: camshaft, cylinder heads, programmable EMS, forced induction, throttle-bodies, etc). Improved atomisation of more modern 4-hole design also improves idle quality.

Will usually require an ECU re-calibration (a.k.a.: remap) to suit higher flow rates.

Also available with hose-tail fittings to fit earlier Rover V8 engines, when converting from early low impedance injectors to modern high impedance injectors. Please enquire.

Rover V8 Bosch Fuel Injector Upgrade Set
£435 Ex VAT