Rover V8 Turbocharger Conversion

Turbocharger conversion for your Rover V8 – typical gains of over 100 bhp with our drive-in, drive-out conversion! Suitable for almost any Rover V8 engined vehicle – including TVR, Range-Rover, Land-Rover, Marcos, MGB, etc.

This complete drive-in, drive-out conversion includes the following as standard:

  • Genuine Garrett Turbocharger – to suit your application & performance requirements;
  • Exhaust Manifolds and/or Exhaust Y-Piece to suit turbocharger install
  • Turbocharger Oil Feed & Return System;
  • Engine Oil Cooler System
  • Large Intercooler & Pipe-work;
  • Bosch Fuel Injectors with higher flow-rate to suit performance requirements;
  • MAP Sensor upgrade to suit boost requirements;
  • K&N Air Filter;
  • Silicone Induction Hoses;
  • Recirculatory Dump Valve & Pipe-work;
  • Crankcase Ventilation System Upgrade;
  • Installation & Set-up;
  • Electronic Boost Control Solenoid & Switchable Maps – for modulated boost via programmable engine management system;
  • Engine Management System Calibration (a.k.a: mapping) on our Dynapack chassis dynamometer – includes before & after power runs;
  • Cold-start & Warmup Mapping;
  • Full Parts & Labour Warranty.

We will supply whichever Garrett turbocharger best suits your performance requirements, existing engine specification and application.

We include many features as standard that others regard as ‘an optional extra’ which is usually added on afterwards – including an intercooler, uprated fuel injectors, uprated crankcase ventilation system, K&N air filter, all required mapping & power runs, etc.

Please note that your vehicle will require a fully programmable engine management system with full 3D control over the fuel and ignition systems (e.g.: Canems, Emerald, DTA, MBE, Megasquirt, etc). We are able map most fully programmable engine management systems to suit this forced induction conversion. We will not carry out a forced induction conversion on a Rover V8 that is still using a distributor, a non-programmable ECU or carburettors – it is possible to run forced induction on these set-ups but we do not think it is worth the risk to the health of your engine.

Please also note that if your engine or transmission is not in a good state of health then this forced induction conversion is likely to find the failure point of any pre-existing issues. We always carry out some engine health checks prior to starting the conversion (e.g.: compression tests, block test, etc) and will also carry out a basic ramp inspection of the transmission, suspension, brakes and tyres. We cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing issues but will advise if we see any issues prior to carrying out the conversion.


Rover V8 Turbocharger Conversion
£5500 Ex VAT